5 Things to Look for in a Valet Provider

  1. Service Standards- It is extremely important to ensure that your provider can operate as an extension of you and your team.
  2. Insurance- Yes, you read that correctly.  Insurance is extremely important in a valet provider, because it protects you, your guests and their vehicles.
  3. Employee Hiring Process-  We recommend choosing a company that background checks and drug tests their employees.  We also think a DMV check is a great requirement for valets.
  4. Management- Understanding how your valet provider is structured can make a huge difference in the service you receive.  For example, having a manager at each account at every shift will make sure that there is an experienced and capable individual on your front drive at all times.
  5. Claims-  An effective and efficient claims procedure is a must have for valet companies.  This ensures that in the unfortunate event something happens, you will know that your company has a plan to address the issue.