We understand the concerns regarding COVID-19, and we can help. We are taking COVID-19 very seriously in our daily operations and have made significant changes to the way we do business to ensure the safety of our team and your guests:

  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant products are available for all operations. All team members use hand sanitizer before and after the handling of keys, luggage, and other items.
  • Disinfecting facilities, equipment, and vehicles – Counters, valet stands, keyboards, phones, and other high traffic areas or objects are cleaned regularly with disinfectant wipes.
  • Social distancing – Where possible, our teams are maintaining proper distance between each other and guests, following the 6-foot social distancing recommendations
  • No in-person team meetings
  • Staggered employee start times
  • Remote office staff work flows
  • Educating and training for our team about COVID-19 operating procedures
  • Lining steering wheels when appropriate
  • PPEfor parking attendants and valets including masks and gloves
  • When valeting a customer’s vehicle, valets will clean all vehicle touch points with disinfecting wipes, including key fobs, steering wheels, door handles (inside and out) and gear shifts
  • In our shuttle operations, we implement social distancing practices by transporting a smaller group of guests (half capacity) and/or making more trips for larger groups. We frequently wipe down seats and other commonly touched areas with disinfecting wipes and carry hand sanitizer in each vehicle.
  • In our healthcare locations, we are providing golf cart transportation for disabled or handicapped patients and assisting with car unloading while wearing PPE masks and gloves. 

To see our full COVID-19 Standard Operating Practices  Click Here

LONE STAR VALET & STAR PARKING SYSTEMS:  COVID-19 Parking Attendant Role (where Valet is limited):

    • Parking attendants are a concierge for guests that pull up and need information
    • They can let guests know wait times/new restaurant processes
    • Drop off their passengers at entrance – attendants greet them and open doors – driver will self-park (unless handicapped)
    • Assist with curb-side delivery
    • Advertising – Seeing the valet umbrella and attendant says WE ARE OPEN!  – We can add a sign that says so too
    • Businesses want to open as normal.  That’s what guests want.  Normalcy
    • Make sure guests don’t park in the wrong space and get towed
    • We can offer to hand out parking maps or give directions upon request
    • If it rains, businesses don’t want the guests walking in rain
    • We can help, offer umbrellas, let guests out
  • VIPs:
    • VIPs will expect valet
    • Reserve VIP areas ahead of time – closer to entrance
    • Attendants can open their doors and the entrance doors… give excellent VIP service!
    • Reserve Elderly/Disabled  areas – If they can’t walk a long way
    • Blue Handicap hangtags or license plates are valet legal to park

 We will wear PPE gloves, masks, clean the steering wheel, disinfect the keys and touch points, have hand sanitizer available, and use disinfectants on valet stand