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Lone Star Valet provides garage management services through its Star Parking Systems division.

The ease of flow in and out of parking facilities makes a lasting impression on guests. Ensuring the process is quick and efficient depends on the how well the facility is managed. Star Parking Systems has extensive experience in garage management flow process and all the supporting facets of the operation including revenue control, maintenance and repair, technology features and updates, pricing and coupon programs, equipment, lighting, and monthly contracts. Our high garage management standards, dedication to supporting and training our staff and attention to detail in serving the customers first makes the parking experience stress free and a positive one.

We manage all our projects through a hands-on service approach and compete on a revenue management level equal or greater than the larger parking companies.

Profitability is a must, but there is more…

Most parking companies focus on asset management, and generally have a poor customer service training emphasis. Their business metrics focus on garage occupancy rates, driven by price and location. This is where Star Parking Systems’ traditional service roots come into play, with customer skills, excellent marketing, employee retention and overall customer satisfaction.

Exceptional Customer Service is our mission…

Star Parking Systems' approach is different. We exude customer service in all that we do, and provide service with a smile. We have an independent executive who concentrates on metrics in order to ensure we always stay focused on service expectation while driving profitability.

Star Parking Systems can offer a variety of fee arrangements to its parking management clients, with the aim of generating value. We work to understand your goals for your parking operation and then deliver those goals one car and satisfied customer at a time.

Parking management services

• Parking Logistics Consulting: Detailed research and analysis on maintenance costs, revenue projections, car count audits, pricing surveys, and other key metrics are packaged in a thorough, customized report from Star Parking Systems along with joint venture partner reports for optimal parking capacity and revenue generation.

Attended Parking Services:  We work hard to ensure a well lit, clean, and secure parking facilities and staffing by the best people (“hire for personality and train for service”). We provide optional plans for maximum customer options and pricing structures (eg fee-based self-parking in gated, select areas) and customized Sales & Marketing Services (for example, VIP and Corporate Programs, special events coordination, and promotional “ticket space” for nearby establishments, retailers, and vendors).

• Parking Meters, Coin Boxes, and Electronic “Pay and Display” Systems: We will present for your review systems that fit your requirements based on demographic, location, traffic volume, and image.

• Enforcement and Collection: We train our attendants in parking enforcement and ticket writing, as well as other revenue generation skills.

• Master Leasing: Star Parking Systems assumes complete responsibility for the operation and revenue generation. You remain the owner of the facility as our Client.

• Management Fee: Star Parking Systems assumes complete responsibility for a fixed management fee and expense statement monthly.

What can Star Parking Systems do for your property?

Star Parking Systems will conduct thorough research of your market in order to fully understand and leverage your economic and competitive advantage. We provide top profitability by delivering our business management systems through trained customer service specialists. When Star Parking Systems manages your operations, you can rest assured you'll receive the following:

• Security and peace of mind for clients and guests

• Superior revenue tracking and key metric systems

• Exceptional customer service and experience

• Unmatched revenue generation and maximization

• Ensure your reputation is solid with the general public and your parking customers

We service Private Parties and Special Events ANYWHERE in Denver Colorado and Miami Florida areas.

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